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"Andram" by Šárka Škorpíková
General Information
LocationStretching across south Beleriand from Taur-en-Faroth to Ramdal
DescriptionA long wall of hills
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Andram (S. 'long wall'; and = long, ram = wall) was the long wall of hills that ran across Beleriand west to east, from beyond Nargothrond to the Gates of Sirion and ending at Ramdal, being three leagues in width from north to south[1]. The wall was pierced in two places: the gorge of Nargothrond, through which flowed the River Narog, and where the River Sirion ran underground from its falls south of the Aelin-uial to its reappearance at the Gates of Sirion.[2]

Its easternmost hill was Amon Ereb, which usually was not considered a part of Andram (indeed Ramdal meant "Wall's End").[3]