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John Howe - The Fleet of Ar-Pharazon

Alcarondas, the "Castle of the Sea", was the golden-and-black flagship of Ar-Pharazôn, the last King of Númenor. It had many oars and many masts, upon which were sails of gold and sable.

In this ship, he sailed to the shores of Aman, leading the Great Armament to challenge the Valar. Alcarondas indeed reached the Undying Lands and anchored at shores of the Undying Lands and Ar-Pharazôn reached Tirion, but this act only condemned him, his fleet and his kingdom.[1]


Alcarondas, also written Alkarondas [2] means "Castle of the Sea" [3] and is probably Adûnaic. Note that [k] is normally spelled with "c" only in Elvish words.[4]

Aglarrâma appears in earlier text and is probably Adûnaic meaning the same.[5]