Appendix E

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Appendix E is the fifth appendix to The Lord of the Rings, and is entitled Writing and Spelling. It outlines how to pronounce particular sounds in the languages of Middle-earth, as well as the different writing systems used in Middle-earth. The contents of this appendix are as follows.

  • Pronunciation of Words and Names
    • Consonants
    • Vowels
    • Stress
  • Writing
    • The Fëanorian Letters
    • The Cirth

In the Writing section, Tolkien briefly summarizes the history of the different writing systems, including the Tengwar of Rúmil as well as the two major systems. For the Fëanorian Letters he provides the table of the Tengwar then discusses the usage of the system and the names of the letters in narrative form. For the Cirth, a table of the Angerthas and the equivalent pronunciations is given, followed by a discussion of how different peoples modified the system.

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