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Amon Hen 242

From Tolkien Gateway
Amon Hen 242
Publication Information
EditorAndrew Butler
Cover artistJef Murray
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterHorsham Press, Horsham, UK
ReleasedJuly 2013
FormatA5 stapled paperback, glossy
Preceded byAmon Hen 241
Followed byAmon Hen 243

Amon Hen 242 is the two-hundred-and-forty-second issue of the The Tolkien Society's bimonthly journal Amon Hen, published in July 2013.


  • Cover: Rhosgobel
  • Editorial
  • Contents
  • Artwork: Dragon
    • By: Gordon Palmer
  • Announcements/Dates for your Diary
  • Oxonmoot Announcement
  • Tolkien Society on Facebook
    • By: Lyn Wilshire
  • All BrĂ¢n
    • By: Ian Spittlehouse
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Teaser Trailer
    • By: Ian Spittlehouse
  • Hall of Fire
    • By: Lynn Forest-Hill
  • Artwork: Gollum
    • By: Gordon Palmer
  • Tolkien and the Centenary Chelsea Flower Show
    • By: Chris Barclay
  • Obituary: Howard Rosenblum
  • Howard Rosenblum's Funeral
    • By: Jessica Yates
  • The Passing of Bilbo
    • By: Lyn Wilshire
  • Artwork: Memories
    • By: Jef Murray
  • El Poema An Evening in Tavrobel de J.R.R. Tolkien
    • By: Fernando Cid Lucas and Bernardo Santano Moreno
  • More on Copyright and Tolkien
  • Artwork: Watchers of Cirith Ungol
    • By: Jef Murray
  • Review: Sub-creating Middle-earth
    • By: Michael Cunningham
  • Review: Aragorn - J.R.R. Tolkien's Undervalued Hero
    • By: Julie Sinclair
  • News From Fangorn
    • By: Carol Brownlow
  • Christopher's Clippings
    • By: Christopher Kreuzer
  • New Members/Committee
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