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The Hall of Fire was a large room in Elrond's house in Rivendell. Between carven pillars in a great hearth a fire was always kept lit, with little other light present. While the hall stood empty during most days, at night it was given over to the telling of tales and singing of songs.

History[edit | edit source]

In T.A. 2941[1] when Thorin and Company stayed in Rivendell for weeks, Bilbo Baggins undoubtedly visited the Hall of Fire, for in his telling of his adventures he mentioned hearing many songs and tales, and found that the house was perfect for just sitting and thinking.[2] These words are very close to the description of the hall that Gandalf gave Frodo Baggins as they approached the hall together[3] on 24 October T.A. 3018.[4]

On that evening after the feast celebrating Frodo's recovery, Elrond and Arwen led their guests to the Hall of Fire. It was in this room that Frodo found Bilbo, seemingly asleep, but actually composing the Song of Eärendil. It was also here that Bilbo asked to see the Ring and was saddened to see Frodo's negative reaction. The two hobbits then enjoyed talking about the Shire until Aragorn came and helped Bilbo polish his poem. When Bilbo recited the poem to the crowd Lindir could not tell which parts Bilbo had written and which Aragorn had composed. Later, when Bilbo and Frodo left, they heard the song, A Elbereth Gilthoniel.[3]

When Samwise Gamgee battled Shelob on 13 March T.A. 3019[4] he recalled the song to Elbereth that he heard in his sleep in the Hall of Fire. He sang this song and it bolstered his courage, such that he could face down the great spider and force her retreat.[5]

Fandom[edit | edit source]

The Hall of Fire is also a weekly chat hosted by TheOneRing.net at irc.theonering.net in #thehalloffire channel.

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

The Hall of Fire is found in the Last Homely House on the first floor. The hall is two stories tall and contains two long tables. On the opposite end of the door to the hall is a great fireplace flanked on both sides by smaller fireplaces. One can find Bilbo playing a riddle game with Lindir.