Many Meetings

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Many Meetings
Chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring
EventFrodo wakes in Rivendell; he learns about the Black Riders.
Date24 October 3018
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Many Meetings is the first chapter of the second book in The Fellowship of the Ring.


When Frodo awoke he was in the house of Elrond at Rivendell. Gandalf was there. Elrond had called a council meeting to discuss what had to happen. Gandalf told Frodo that Strider was also called Aragorn, Man of the West, and that the Black Riders were also known as Ringwraiths, or the nine servants of the Lord of the Rings. Gandalf also explained to Frodo how the Black Riders were defeated at the Ford of Bruinen through Elrond's magic.

Frodo found that for the past four days and three nights he had been delirious. He learned that Elrond, a master healer, had been at work trying to save him. The rider that had wounded Frodo had done so with a Morgul-knife, and a piece of the knife had been still stuck in Frodo's body. That piece had worked its way toward his heart, but Elrond had removed it just in time. If the fragment had reached Frodo's heart he would have become like the Riders, a servant to Sauron. The Ring would have been taken from him, which would have been a disaster for Frodo and the rest of Middle-earth.

Frodo learned about all those who worked for the Dark Lord. The men were made of nothing, and wore robes to give shapes to their otherwise shapeless existences. The horses, just like many Orcs, trolls, kings and men, had been brought up under the Dark Lord's power and they were in his service forever. Gandalf told Frodo that the white figure he had seen at the river was Glorfindel and that the river itself was commanded by Elrond.

Elrond hosted a great feast for his guests. At the feast, Frodo spoke with the Dwarf Glóin, who told Frodo what had become of the Dwarves Bilbo had known during his adventures. Frodo also saw Arwen for the first time. After the feast, Frodo went to the Hall of Fire along with the other guests. To his delight, Frodo discovered that Bilbo was living there among the others. Bilbo told Frodo what he had been up to and asked to see the Ring. When Frodo produced it, Bilbo at once asked him to put it away, fearful of the way he had responded to it. Strider returned and Frodo discovered that he was also called Dúnadan. Bilbo performed his Song of Eärendil, then one of the Elves sang the hymn A Elbereth Gilthoniel.


The chapter is the 13th of the published Fellowship, but during writing it was "Chapter 12" of the work so far.[1] The "Chapter 12" was completed by the end of 1938.[2][note 1]

The chapter was revised around 1940-1941, when Tolkien decided that Aragorn was the Heir of Elendil, and Bilbo's telling to Frodo of Aragorn's background was added at that stage; there are also early versions of the Song of Earendil (evolved from the earlier Errantry).[3]


  1. In The Lord of the Rings Foreword (second edition, 1966) Tolkien claims that "the tale had not yet reached the end of Book One" by 1939, but this seems to be a mistake while recollecting his writing process.