Men of Dale

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Men of Dale
Eric David Anderson - Men of Dale.jpg
"Men of Dale" by Eric David Anderson
General Information
LocationsDale, Esgaroth, Kingdom of Dale
AffiliationDwarves of Erebor
LanguagesWestron, Dalish
MembersGirion, Bardings (Bard, Brand)
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The Men who dwelt in Dale, a township at the feet of the Lonely Mountain.


The Men of Dale descend from Northmen of the south who came up the River Running after T.A. 2590 when King Thrór reestablished the Kingdom under the Mountain.[1] There they built the town of Dale.[2] The town shared in the prosperity of the Dwarves and it was governed by the Lord of Dale.[3]

In 2770, during the time of Girion, Smaug descended upon the Dwarf-kingdom.[1] The Men fielded warriors against him but could not prevent the Sack of Erebor. After that, the dragon would crawl out of the Front Gate of the Mountain by night and carry away people (especially maidens) to eat. The remaining population soon fled and the deserted city fell into ruins.[2]

Many went to dwell on the Long Lake with the Lake-men, including the last descendant of Girion, Bard. When Dale was refounded as a Kingdom by Bard, its people were known as Bardings.[1]


The Men of Dale flourished with trade with the Dwarves of Erebor.

They spoke Westron with their own dialect, Dalish.