Ford of Bruinen

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Ford of Bruinen
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"The Wizard's River Horses" by Rob Alexander
General Information
Other namesFord of Loudwater
Ford of Rivendell[1]
LocationWhere the East-West Road crosses Bruinen, south-east of the Trollshaws. Near Rivendell
DescriptionA shallow crossing with steep banks
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The Ford of Bruinen, also known as the Ford of Loudwater[2] and the Ford of Rivendell, was the crossing of the Bruinen River on the Great East Road leading to the path to Rivendell.[3] Its waters were under the power of Elrond.[4]

On 20 October T.A. 3018[5] Aragorn and Glorfindel led the hobbits (with Frodo riding Glorfindel's horse, Asfaloth) towards the Ford. Suddenly the Nazgûl came down upon them and Glorfindel ordered his horse to flee. Asfaloth galloped madly ahead and just cleared the black horses that tried to cut off the escape. Frodo and his mount made it across the river where Frodo defied the Riders. Laughing, the Riders entered the Ford to capture Frodo but a sudden flash flood swept them away.[1]

In the house of Elrond, Frodo learned that his friends had lit flaming brands and rushed at the Riders when the flood appeared, which maddened their horses and caused them to plunge into the raging waters. Stating that Elrond had caused the waters to rise, Gandalf could not resist mentioning that he added the horse-shapes to the flooding waters.[4]

In 3019 Gandalf and the Travellers again crossed the Ford on 6 October, when Frodo felt a return of the pain from his stab-wound.[6]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2001: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:

In Scene 21, "The Flight to the Ford", Arwen replaced Glorfindel, who is not in the movie. Frodo was too far gone from his wound to ride Asfaloth alone so Arwen directed the horse with Frodo in front of her. The scene showed a long chase to the river, which meant that Aragorn and the other hobbits were left far behind. Crossing the river, it was Arwen who defied the Nine Riders and the flash flood was summoned by her command.