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Calenhad was the penultimate beacon-hill of Gondor, being the sixth from east to west and located to south-east of Firienholt.

Calenhad is described as being a small, green, treeless hill which was slightly bigger and taller than Erelas.[1] Calenhad was seldom lit and its lighting during the War of the Ring indicated great urgency.

On the night of 7 March T.A. 3019 Gandalf and Pippin, riding east on Shadowfax, saw the beacons being lit to call for aid from Rohan.[2]


It is suggested in the Unfinished Tales that Calenhad probably means "green space" from calen "green" and sad (lenited to had) "place, spot".[3] In "The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor" Tolkien suggested that the second element may be sâdh "sward, turf".[1]

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