Christian History 78

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Christian History: J.R.R. Tolkien (issue 78)
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PublisherChristianity Today International

Christian History 78 is an issue, dedicated completely to Tolkien, of the periodical Christian History.


  • Chris Armstrong, Steven Gertz: "Windows on the life and work of J.R.R. Tolkien"
  • Chris Armstrong: "He Gave Us Back Myth and with It, Truth."
  • Clyde S. Kilby: "Meeting Professor Tolkien"
  • Bradley J. Birzer: "Tolkien: The Man Behind the Myth"
  • Steven Gertz: "Most Married Man"
  • Tom Shippey: "A Feeling for Language"
  • Clyde S. Kilby: "A Niggling Art"
  • Joseph Pearce: "The Christian Humanists"
  • David Mills: "One Truth, Many Tales"
  • Thomas Howard: "SacramentaL Imagination"
  • Ralph C. Wood: "Good and Evil in Middle-earth"
  • Jennifer Lynn Woodruff: "The Inklings"
  • Colin Duriez: "Tollers and Jack"
  • Humphrey Carpenter: "Hobbits and Englishman"
  • Aaron Belz: "Father of Epic Fantasy"
  • Michael Foster: "An Unexpected Party"
  • Humphrey Carpenter: "The 'idol' speaks"
  • Steven Gertz, Chris Armstrong: "Understanding Tolkien"

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