Cirith Gorgor

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. . .[ Ephel Dúath and Ered Lithui] swung out long arms northward; and between these arms there was a deep defile. This was Cirith Gorgor, the Haunted Pass, the entrance to the land of the Enemy. High cliffs lowered upon either side. . .

Cirith Gorgor
"Cirith Gorgor" by Ted Nasmith
General Information
Pronunciationkear-ith gor-gor
Other namesHaunted Pass
LocationNorth-west end of Udûn, Mordor
DescriptionEvil, dark pass guarded by the Black Gate
People and History
EventsBattle of the Morannon
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Cirith Gorgor was a ravine between the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath[1] in the north-west of the valley of Udûn in Mordor[2]. It was the main entrance to Mordor and was sealed by the Black Gate and guarded by the two Towers of the Teeth.[3]


Cirith Gorgor is a Sindarin name,[4][5] which is translated as "Haunted Pass"[3][1]. It is a combination of cirith ("cleft", "ravine", "defile") and gorgor ("terror", "haunting fear")".[1]