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daur means "a stop or pause" in Sindarin.[1]

The word also referred to a Númenórean linear measure equivalent to 5000 rangar.[2] (See lár for more details.)

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Daur in the Song of Praise[edit | edit source]

The Sindarin word Daur appears in the song of praise of Frodo and Sam at the Field of Cormallen.[3][4]

It has been suggested that daur is the lenited form of taur ("lofty, noble" or "king"),[5][6], however the reliability of this speculation has been contested as the syntax of the phrase does not seem to require lenition.[7]

When analyzing the song of praise, Tolkien derived Daur from dāra "wise" with a Quenya form tāra. This replaces an earlier version from ndāra with Quenya nāra. He also queried the possibility of daur coming from lenition of base t.[8]