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Biographical Information
Other namesTórin
DeathNorth of Valmar, next to the Two Trees
Physical Description

Daurin, also called Tórin, was a Gnome of the Elder Days. He was notable for attacking Melko and Gwerlum when they were attempting to destroy the Two Trees. After he had cut off one of Gwerlum's legs, she threw a web around him and Melko killed him. He then took his blade, which was laced with the black, poisonous blood of Gwerlum, and proceeded to destroy the other tree, Silpion.[1]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

The character that was to become Daurin was originally called Fëanor, but this was abandoned. Then his name was changed to Daurlas, a kinsman of Fëanor, and finally to Daurin (Tórin)[2]