Dietrich Ebert

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Dietrich Ebert’s Views of Middle-earth (The Tolkien Calendar 1986).

Dietrich Ebert (born 1948) is a German designer and illustrator.

Dietrich Ebert was born in St. Peter in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. As a graphic designer Dietrich Ebert works for several advertising agencies and industrial concerns. Since more than twenty-five years Ebert designs book covers for the publishing company Klett-Cotta. In 1985 Klett-Cotta published with Der Tolkien Kalender 1986 a German Tolkien Calendar with 12 color illustrations of Middle-earth made by Dietrich Ebert. Dietrich Ebert lives and works in Reutlingen, Germany.

Tolkien related cover designs and illustrations[edit | edit source]

The following German editions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works were designed or illustrated by Dietrich Ebert:

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