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Egladil, or the Angle in Westron, was the name given by the people of Lórien to their lands between the courses of the rivers Anduin and Celebrant.[1] A part of the Naith, Egladil was the most populated part of the country, where the tree-city of Caras Galadhon was to be found.

A parting feast was held there when the Fellowship of the Ring departed Lothlórien.[2]


The name is Sindarin (or Silvan Elvish) sometimes rendered into English as the "Angle". J.R.R. Tolkien gives the translation "Elven-point"[3] or, more accurately, "point (til) of the Eglath".

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

In earlier drafts to the Lord of the Rings, the location was named Nelennas and Nelen, sometimes glossed as "Gore", which was part of the larger Narthas.

Other candidate, and more specific, names were Calennas and Calendil, which is translated as "Green-tine" or "Green-spit".[4]

Christopher Tolkien notes a confusing fluidity in how his father alternated the names and their meanings, regarding the larger "Angle" region between the rivers, and the specific "Tongue" at their confluence.[5]

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