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Evadrien was a region of the island of Lúthien, according to the early version of the legendarium in the text called Ælfwine of England from The Book of Lost Tales.[1] It is equated with the legendary drowned kingdom of Lionesse, located between Cornwall and the Scilly Isles.[2]

Éadgifu, mother of Ælfwine, came from these lands. She was a friend of the Elves that still dwelt in Lúthien, many of whom lived in Evadrien.[1]

It also contained the harbour of Belerion, from which the Elves of Lúthien sailed to Tol Eressëa.[3]


The name Evadrien is in Qenya, meaning "Coast of Iron".[1]

An earlier form of the name was Erenol.[4]

It was also called Lionesse.[1]