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Biographical Information
LocationLonely Mountain
AffiliationBalin's Colony
DeathAfter 10 November T.A. 2994
Battle of the Second Hall, Moria
Physical Description

Frár was a dwarf of Erebor.


Frár was part of Balin's Colony to reclaim Moria. Their mission at first seemed successful, and Balin went so far as to claim the title Lord of Moria. This all changed in their fifth year there. On November 10th, the Orcs came up the Silverlode and killed Balin while he was alone, and unaware and looking into Mirrormere. The Dwarves fought back but eventually lost East-gate and First Hall. The Orcs made it across the Bridge of Khazad-dûm and there was a battle in the Second Hall, and Frár and his companions Lóni and Náli died bravely while the rest of the colonists retreated.[1]


Frár is a dwarf from the Dvergatal. His name most likely means "swift".[2]


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