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General Information
Other namesGate-stream
LocationRunning from Doors of Durin to Eregion
EventsJourney of the Fellowship of the Ring

The Sirannon, or Gate-stream, was a stream in Eriador.


The Sirannon flowed from its springs near the Doors of Durin, the West-gate of Moria (hence its name) and dropped down the Stair Falls and then along the highroad to Eregion[1] on its southern side[2]. It is possible that the Sirannon flowed into the river Glanduin.


On 13 January T.A. 3019[3] the Fellowship of the Ring found that the Sirannon had been dammed by someone or something, and before the gates of Moria there was now a foul lake. In this lake dwelt the Watcher in the Water, who nearly caught the Ring-bearer Frodo Baggins.[2]

Moria was eventually resettled by Dwarves during the Fourth Age,[4] therefore the Sirannon was probably cleansed.


Sirannon is a Sindarin name.[5] It literally means "stream of the Gate".[1] The Westron name Gate-stream is its translation.[2] Paul Strack suggests that the name is a combination of sîr ("river", "stream") and annon ("(great) gate", "door").[5]