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Gilfanon (elf of Alqaluntë)

From Tolkien Gateway
Biographical Information
ChildrenAt least two sons
Physical Description
Steed"mighty swan winged swan-feather boat with red oars"[1]

Gilfanon was an Elf of Alqaluntë, according to the early version of the legendarium in a prose fragment following The Book of Lost Tales.[1]


When Fëanor marched with the Gnomes upon Cú nan Eilch, Gilfanon was one of the Solosimpi who fought against them when he saw his swan-feather boat being stolen. He, along with his sons, threatened the Gnomes, and in the ensuing fight, he was thrown into the sea, but not before uttering a curse.[1]

Other versions of the legendarium

In The Book of Lost Tales there appears another character called Gilfanon, who was a Gnome of Tavrobel, but Christopher Tolkien is certain that the two are entirely separate characters, and that the Gilfanon of Tavrobel had probably ceased to be named as such at this point in the legendarium.[1]