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Hawke Robinson is an avid Tolkien fan since the late 1970s. Robinson has written several articles on J.R.R. Tolkien and about gaming in Arda, and is a central figure in the Inland Northwest Tolkien Society. He organizes, funds and founded the convention TolkienMoot, founded The Middle-earth Radio, founded and co-edits Other Minds with Thomas Morwinsky, and is the webmaster of the sites of the afore-mentioned projects. He has also created a fan-based game system for role playing in Tolkien's universe, called Eä RPG. Robinson founded Merp.com in the 1990s before handing it over to be run by an international volunteer community, and also maintains the [email protected] email list since the late 1990s (taking over from Mario M. Butter).

Robinson is the founder of the Role Playing Gaming Research Project, which links to the Therapeutic Recreation Department at Eastern Washington University. He lives in Spokane, Washington, raising three boys.[1]

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