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Images form the visual representation of a character, place, aspect or event in Tolkien's legendarium. Though Tolkien Gateway wishes to include images into as many articles as possible, this will take some time as the majority of minor characters have never been portrayed in illustrations.

Uploading images

To upload an image, go to "Upload file" in the toolbox on the left section of the menu. This will only appear to autoconfirmed users (those who have at least 50 edits and have been registered for at least a week).

  • Contrary to normal edits, this section is not an edit summary. Text and templates typed here will show up on the file, and are the only editable portion of the file thereafter.
  • Provide information as to what is in the image; characters, locations, events, place in the story. Some artists provide their own description of the art; this can (but doesn't need to) be included in italics.
  • Add the image to all applicable categories. This includes artist, character, events, places, and in the case of images of The Lord of the Rings (film series), also to their respective actor.
  • Images of real-world people - actors, authors, artists and the lot - should be categorised under "[[Category:Images of Person's name]]". Since such a category likely does not exist yet, this category should be made, and in turn be categorised under "[[Category: Images of Authors/Actors/etc.|Last name, First name]].
  • Note that new users are not immediately able to upload images. Users must have autoconfirmed accounts to upload images. Autoconfirmation requires making 50 edits to articles.

File licensing

See also: Tolkien Gateway:File licensing templates
  • If the artist or copyright owner has not already granted permission for Tolkien Gateway to use their image, the uploader is required to contact the creator for approval. Only if the uploader is unable to reach a creator may the Fair Use licensing template be applied.
  • While uploading, a file license template should be selected from the "Licensing" drop-down list.
  • Alternatively, the file licensing template can be applied in the summary box.
  • See here for a list of file license templates on Tolkien Gateway.

Use in articles


  • We generally prefer "book" art - art that has appeared in print as the representation of a character - in the character infobox.
  • If above art is not present, images from The Lord of the Rings (film series) DO NOT have any superiority, nor do images based on said films.
  • Images from adaptations properly belong in the "Portrayal in adaptations" section, not anywhere else in the article. Only one image per adaptation is necessary.
  • We do not appreciate the replacement of an infobox image with something of your own fancy, at least not until a discussion on the article's talk page has ruled in your favour. Popular characters such as Legolas and Aragorn have been the victims of such actions. Persistent users who go on after warnings are at risk of being blocked.
  • Generally, there should be no more than 4-6 illustrations or photographs from the same artist in an article, depending on the length and popularity of the subject of the article.

How to

  • The basic layout to include an image into an article is [[File:Filename.jpg]]. This displays the image without caption, position, or most importantly, size.
  • To change the size of an image, simply add |000px (where 000 represents the width in pixel value) after the filename, but within the brackets.
  • Infoboxes are usually 250 pixels wide, though some are 300 pixels. In some cases (for example, low quality headshots), an image can be less, say 200 or 225 pixels, wide.
  • Infoboxes don't need captions. Images elsewhere do. This can be done by adding |thumb in between the brackets. The caption similarly goes between the brackets: |Illustration by ArtistX, or if that is not applicable, a description of what is seen.
  • The position in the article can be changed by adding |left or |right. Note that we generally prefer the images on the right side, and images on the left side should not break into a new section. The first picture should always be on the right side.
  • Put plenty of space between images; make sure left and right don't overlap each other.
  • Thus, a full image looks like this: [[File:Filename.jpg|000px|thumb|right|''Illustration'' by ArtistX]]. The order within the brackets is not important, as long as all parts are separated by a pipe.
  • In order to correctly display at 800x600 resolution on the default "Gateway to Ithilien" skin images should be no wider than 470px.

Fan art policy

Tolkien wrote books. With hundreds of characters. As most of them never featured on any book art, Tolkien Gateway allows fan art on its articles - and sometimes in the infoboxes.

Basic rules

  • Only fan art of characters in the books, or any adaptations, are allowed. Original characters and/or fan fiction are not.
  • Again, no nudity.
  • Be sure to apply an appropriate file licensing template onto all files that are uploaded.
  • If you are not the artist, make sure you get the artist's permission. In case of a conflict, the artist is always right.

AI art policy

Priority and focus on the art within Tolkien Gateway should be given to the talented artists within the community. Image uploads created solely by artificial intelligence such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion are not accepted.