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See also: Help:Images on how to upload and use images

The image policy of Tolkien Gateway provides guidelines on what images should and shouldn't be uploaded to this wiki as well as guidance which should be followed when doing so.

As the world's largest Tolkien encyclopedia, Tolkien Gateway aims to have a comprehensive catalogue of visual representations of Tolkien's works as well as other relevant images of from Tolkien fandom and scholarship. We include photographs of notable individuals as well as images of publications and adaptations. These images are to be used to illustrate our articles as well as educating the reading about the representation of Tolkien's works.

Naming conventions[edit source]

Tolkien Gateway has a number of naming conventions that must be followed:

If there are two images which qualify for the same title use some other description of appropriate distinguisher taking into account the conventions above (usually a number). Examples include: File:J.R.R. Tolkien - 1911.jpg, File:Jef Murray - Gandalf (Sketch 2).jpg and File:The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - Elrond2.jpg.

Ampersands (&) must not be used in file names, however diacritics are allowed, for example File:Janka Latečková - King Aragorn.jpg.

Note: All images are uploaded to the File namespace and, therefore, all have the prefix "File:".

Image quality[edit source]

Images of sizes up to 20MB can be uploaded to Tolkien Gateway. We favour the very highest quality images and strongly discourage users from resizing images themselves (as this can limit their future usefulness).

Similarly, all images should be cropped to remove unnecessary backgrounds. This includes removing letterboxing on film images.

File types[edit source]

Tolkien Gateway has a number of supported file formats:

  • Images - .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .svg. Note that we no longer support .gif.
  • Audio - .mp3, .ogg, .wav.

If you require additional file formats, please contact either Mith or Hyarion.

Deletion of images[edit source]

See also: Tolkien Gateway:Deletion policy

Images will deleted by an administrator without discussion under the following circumstances:

  • Irrelevance - not Tolkien-related or related to the functioning of this wiki.
  • Duplication - if there are two images exactly the same (or similar without sufficient justification and usage).
  • Supersession - if another image is uploaded which makes an existing image redundant (such as one of a higher quality or an updated version).
  • Slash and nudity - removed if overly gratuitous or seen as unnecessary. Appropriate nudity is permitted (for example File:Ted Nasmith - Saeros' Fatal Leap 2.jpg).
  • Copyright violation - an image without permission, and even without an appropriate copyright template, will be deleted.
  • Author request - where an author/uploader revokes previously-granted permission.
  • Not fair use - if an image uploaded with a fair use rationale is judged by an administrator to fall outside the bounds of fair use, it will be deleted.

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