House of the Lord

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Tale of Adanel by Šárka Škorpíková

The House of the Lord was a place of evil worship in the land of Hildórien. According to the Tale of Adanel, it was constructed by the order of Morgoth shortly after the awakening of Men, whom he had in fair form seduced into his servitude with promises of great knowledge and wealth.

The House was said to be great in size, having a high seat where Morgoth would sit in the times when he visited Hildórien or appeared unto them from afar. Men would come into the house to pray to Morgoth and offer gifts. Morgoth would speak from afar to those who prayed in the House, giving them commands to do his bidding. To the cruelest and strongest men who came most often to the House, Morgoth gave them great gifts.

From the House, all of Mankind at one point had pledged their service to Morgoth, thus bringing about the Fall of Man. When some men began to reject Morgoth's rule, his servants would take them into the House to be sacrificed in fire.[1]

It is unknown what became of the House of the Lord after Morgoth left.

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