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Inter-University Magazine
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PublisherThe University Catholic Societies Federation

The Inter-University Magazine was a Catholic journal, associated with the Jesuit college of the University of Oxford.[1]

Among J.R.R. Tolkien's manuscripts is found a note about publishing his poem "Tinfang Warble" in the "I.U.M[agazine]".[2] Another poem published by Tolkien in this magazine was "The Grey Bridge of Tavrobel" (in the same or in another issue).[3][1]

John Garth identified the acronym as likely referring to the Inter-University Magazine.[4] According to Christopher Tolkien, the publication of the former poem took place in 1927.[2] However, he has not been able to retrace how this year was established, and Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull have therefore suggested "a less absolute publication date" for both poems, to sometime between ?1925 and ?1927.[1][5] As to date, no physical copy of the journal containing any of the poems has been found.[1]