The Chaining of Melko

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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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The Book of Lost Tales Part One chapters
  1. The Cottage of Lost Play
  2. The Music of the Ainur
  3. The Coming of the Valar
  4. The Chaining of Melko
  5. The Coming of the Elves
  6. The Theft of Melko
  7. The Flight of the Noldoli
  8. The Tale of the Sun and Moon
  9. The Hiding of Valinor
  10. Gilfanon's Tale

The Chaining of Melko is the fourth chapter of The Book of Lost Tales Part One. It describes events, later replaced by the Battle of the Powers, leading to the Chaining of Melkor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Eriol talked with Vairë about Timpinen. The man learnt that Timpinen's music caused longing that only the drink limpë could heal but only queen Meril could give it. Littleheart led Eriol to Meril but she refused to give him limpë immediately as first he had to learn more. She started a tale about times when Melko was imprisoned.

Palúrien went to the dark lands and created mosses, ferns, and strange creatures and later, with the help of Oromë, pine woods. This made Melko angry, for he treated the world as his domain, therefore he brought upon the earth fire and earthquakes. This in turn incited the Valar to assault him.

After a council, in which even Ulmo took part, Aulë made tilkal - from copper, silver, tin, plumb, iron, and gold - a new seventh metal, and from this material he made chains, called Angaino, with two manacles Vorotemnar and four fetters Ilterendi. The Valar decided to arrest Melko through deception rather than in open war, so they asked him to move to Valinor as the greatest Valar. They came to Melko in Utumna, Tulkas bringing Angaino, and with Aulë chained Melko. Aulë put Vorotemnar on the Melko's hands and two Ilterendi on each of his ankles.

Afterwards, Tulkas and Ulmo blocked Utumna forever. Melko was sentenced for three centuries in the dungeons of Mandos and four centuries in service for Tulkas. During Melko's imprisonment, more living beings - e.g. birds, little animals and fish - appeared.