The Hiding of Valinor

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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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The Book of Lost Tales Part One chapters
  1. The Cottage of Lost Play
  2. The Music of the Ainur
  3. The Coming of the Valar
  4. The Chaining of Melko
  5. The Coming of the Elves
  6. The Theft of Melko
  7. The Flight of the Noldoli
  8. The Tale of the Sun and Moon
  9. The Hiding of Valinor
  10. Gilfanon's Tale

The Hiding of Valinor is the ninth chapter of The Book of Lost Tales Part One.


Vairë, the wife of Lindo, now told her story.

After light returned to Valinor and the world thanks to the Sun and the Moon, the outrage against the Noldoli and the fear of Melko returned with new force. So the Valar and Eldar - incited by Ainairos and led by Vána and Lórien, while Manwë, Varda, Ulmo, as well as Yavanna and her son Oromë were against it - started working together on the hiding of Valinor, losing their chance to gain full glory by fighting Melko. All the ways to Valinor were blocked, with the Solosimpi convincing Aulë and Tulkas to destroy Helkaraksë and Ossë to create the Magic Isles.

Seeing this, Manwë was worried, and spoke honestly with Lórien and Oromë, but asked only for some corrections. So Lórien created a long way for Mannish children. Oromë made a bridge from the hair of Vána, his wife, for the Valar, called Rainbow by Men and Ilweran "Bridge of Heaven" by Elves. Finally, Mandos and Fui created the short ways of death, separate for elves and men.

Vairë started a separate story titled The Haven of the Sun: the Moon travelled from the west to the east under the land with the help of a spell of Ulmo. However, the Sun could not do it due to the loss of light. Instead, Urwendi travelled with the Sun through the Outer Dark passing through the Door of Night and returning through the Gates of Morn with a word she, and only she, received from Manwë.

The weaving of Days, Months and Years: Danuin (Day), Ranuin (Month), and Fanuin (Year) - the sons of Aluin, Time, the oldest of Ainur, who stayed outside of the world - appeared in Valinor and made invisible ropes to bind, respectively, the Sun, the Moon, and both the Sun and the Moon. The ropes made the movement of the Sun and Moon regular, and they gave the ropes to Manwë Súlimo. The Valar were concerned that time is measured and everything will reach its end.

A final prophecy said that Melko will find the way to turn Ilinsor and Urwendi against each other and make them disappear behind the gates, but Fionwë Úrion (the son of Manwë), who loves Urwendi, will defeat him.