John Rhys-Davies

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John Rhys-Davies
John Rhys-Davies
LifetimeMay 5, 1944
PortrayedGimli in:
 The Lord of the Rings (film series)
Portrayed(Voice of) Treebeard in:
 The Lord of the Rings (film series)

British actor John Rhys-Davies (born 1944) played Gimli and provided the voice for Treebeard in The Lord of the Rings film series. He had originally auditioned for the role of Denethor.[1]

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"There is an energetic ferocity in Gimli that the film needs. It's often these minor characters who really have to impart a sense of energy and dynamism to a film so that the heroes can actually take their time to respond and be thoughtful and reflective."
― John Rhys-Davies, Southland Times, October 12th, 2000

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