Kulullin and Silindrin

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Kulullin and Silindrin
LocationValinor, Aman
Valinor, Aman

Kulullin and Silindrin were two cauldrons according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.


After the destruction of the two lamps by the treachery of Melko, the world was in a long night and the Valar struggled to build their realms. Varda proposed to gather all the remaining light that flowed in the airs and in the earth, as she wished to make a beacon with it upon Taniquetil. Manwë did not wish that the light was gleaned from the sky, so Ulmo was in charge of gathering all the flowing light from the lakes and rivers, and brought them to Valinor. In the gloom, Aulë made two great cauldrons, which were Kulullin and Silindrin. The Valar dug two great pits in the midmost vale of their lands, and buried there many magical things, creating two mounds. To water them, the Valar placed next to them the two cauldrons, Kulullin being of golden light and Silindrin of silver. When Palúrien brought forth Laurelin and Silpion from the mounds, she explained to the Gods that the cauldrons had to be filled with the light pouring from the trees, while the trees had to be watered with the light of the cauldrons. "Light is the sap of these trees and their sap is light!".[1]


Kulullin is Qenya for "Gold-song".[2]

Silindrin is Qenya for "Moon-cauldron".[3] Tolkien first named this cauldron Telimpë, but soon changed it to Silindrin, although this previous name is curiously used again in narrative.[4]