Wells of Varda

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Wells of Varda
"Two Trees of Valinor" by Roger Garland
AppearanceShining lakes

...and the dews of Telperion and the rain that fell from Laurelin Varda hoarded in great vats like shining lakes, that were to all the land of the Valar as wells of water and of light.

The Wells of Varda were the great vats beneath the Two Trees in Valinor created by Varda to store the dew that fell from Laurelin and Telperion.[1] When the Valië knew that the Awakening of the Elves was near, she used the light from the vats of Telperion to create renowned stars and constellations.[2]

The Wells were drained by Ungoliant in the Darkening of Valinor, and while drinking she grew to such a size that even Melkor feared her.[3]