Leader of the Éothéod

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This article describes a concept which is mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's works, but was never given a definite name.
Biographical Information
PositionLeader of the Éothéod
LocationNorth Ithilien, Gondor
BirthThird Age
DeathThird Age
Physical Description

Marh-[note 1] was a military leader of the Éothéod who served under Lord Forthwini.[1]


He aided King Ondoher of Gondor against the Wainriders in the summer of T.A. 1944.[1]

During the battle, he rode to the rescue of a party of Éothéod as they retreated to­wards the Dead Marshes. When a soldier died in his arms, he searched the body and found some tokens which identified the dead soldier as Faramir, the Prince of Gondor.[1]

The leader went to join Minohtar at the head of the North Road in North Ithilien. When Minohtar ordered for a message to be carried to the prince whom he believed to be at Minas Tirith, the leader of the Éothéod revealed to him that the prince had joined the battle in disguise and was killed.[1]


Marh- is a Gothic name element meaning "horse" (see also Marhari, Marhwini).[2]


  1. Christopher Tolkien had stated in his summarization of the text that while the first part of the name was "Marh-", the rest of the name was indecipherable.