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This article is about the month in the Bree Calendar. For the feast days of the Shire Calendar, see Lithedays.
Months in the Bree Calendar
  1. Frery* (January)
  2. Solmath (February)
  3. Rethe (March)
  4. Chithing* (April)
  5. Thrimidge (May)
  6. Lithe* (June)
  7. Mede* (July)
  8. Wedmath (August)
  9. Harvestmath* (September)
  10. Wintring* (October)
  11. Blooting* (November)
  12. Yulemath* (December)
*Differ from Shire names.

Lithe was the sixth month of the calendar of Bree, corresponding to Forelithe of the Shire Calendar, and approximately corresponding to modern 22 May through 20 June in a normal year. It was followed by the Summerdays.[1]


Old English líða, is the old name for the months June and July.[2] It probably referred to the first new moon around the summer solstice.[3]