Little Lune

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Little Lune
General Information
LocationWestern Eriador, west of the Hills of Evendim, ran east from the Ered Luin
DescriptionA tributary to the River Lune, and a border between the realms of Elves and Dwarves
InhabitantsElves, Dwarves

The Little Lune was the Western tributary to the river Lune. It originated from the Ered Luin probably after the War of Wrath.

The Little Lune was the Northern border of the Lindon and North of it was Dwarf country.[1] One named Dwarf realm that lay beyond was that of Durin's Kingdom in Exile in the late Third Age.

It was just a few miles south of the Little Lune that the ancient Dwarf city of Belegost was located.