Mallorn 59

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Mallorn 59
EditorRosalinda Haddon
Cover artistJohn Cockshaw
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterThe Printed Word, Horsham, UK
ReleasedWinter 2018
FormatA4 stapled paperback, glossy
Preceded byMallorn 58
Followed byMallorn 60

Mallorn 59 is the fifty-ninth issue of the The Tolkien Society's annual journal Mallorn, published in Winter 2018.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Cover Art
    • "Stones, slopes and a twisted knot of hills"
      • By: John Cockshaw
  • Editorial
    • "A very fond farewell..."
      • By: Rosalinda Haddon
  • Articles
    • "Fairy marriages in Tolkien's works"
      • By: Giovanni C. Costabile
    • "Realism in fantasy: The Lord of the Rings as 'history . . . feigned'"
      • By: Lawrence Krikorian
    • "The Lovecraft Circle and the Inklings: The 'Mythopoeic Gift' of H. P. Lovecraft"
      • By: Dale Nelson
    • "Beryl, more than just a token?"
      • By: Sebastián Alejandro Freigeiro
    • "Tolkien's Kingdoms of the West: Founded in History"
      • By: Eric A. Lynch
    • "The healing of Théoden or 'a glimpse of the Final Victory'"
      • By: Jean Chausse
    • "Checking the Facts"
      • By: Nancy Bunting
    • "A Holy Party: Holiness in The Hobbit"
      • By: Nicholas J. S. Polk
  • Submissions
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Guide for Authors
  • Poetry
    • "The Long Defeat"
      • By: Kaleb Kramer
    • "The Vow"
      • By: Peter Beaumont
  • Reviews
  • Inside Art
    • By: G.A. Brady, Helen Burke, John Cockshaw, Alexander Genov, Gordon Palmer
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