Mid-year's Day

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Mid-year's Day is the middle day of the year that roughly corresponds with the summer solstice or Midsummer.

In the First Age, the Gondolindrim celebrated the Gates of Summer.

In the context of the Elven calendars, the middle day of the loa (year) is named Loëndë in Quenya, and is the second of the three Enderi.

In the context of the Shire-reckoning, the middle day is the second of the Lithedays, falling between 1 Lithe and 2 Lithe, and (as the Overlithe) had no weekday name. In the Shire, the Free Fair is held on the White Downs during these Lithedays.

Events that occurred on Mid-year's Day:

F.A. 472
Beginning of the Fifth Battle of Beleriand: Nirnaeth Arnœdiad
F.A. 498
Túrin weds Níniel in Brethil.
F.A. 510
The Fall of Gondolin
T.A. 2941
Thorin and Company depart from Rivendell.
T.A. 3013
Will Whitfoot is elected (or re-elected) to the post of Mayor of Michel Delving at the Free Fair held on the White Downs.
T.A. 3018
Gandalf meets Radagast, then leaves a letter with Barliman Butterbur to be sent to Frodo, and tells him to expect a Mr. Underhill. Gandalf leaves for Orthanc, Barliman forgets to mail the letter.
T.A. 3019
Wedding of Aragorn II and Arwen.[1]
T.A. 3020
Frodo resigns office of Deputy Mayor and Will Whitfoot is restored as a Mayor.[1]
Fo.A. 6
Will Whitfoot resigns as Mayor of Michel Delving, and Samwise Gamgee is elected in his place.
Fo.A. 55
At the Free Fair on the White Downs, Samwise Gamgee resigns as Mayor of the Shire.
Fo.A. 61
Death of Rose Cotton, the wife of Samwise Gamgee.


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