Negation in Quenya

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Negation in Quenya is the title of an article by Bill Welden, published in Vinyar Tengwar 42 (2001; pp. 32-4).

Welden addresses the issue of how to express negation in Quenya by quoting from several unpublished manuscripts by J.R.R. Tolkien:

  • "Vocabulary list" - probably dating from around 1960.[1]
  • "List of roots and derivatives" - dated December 1959.[1] The complete manuscript was later published in Parma Eldalamberon 17 (2007) as "Eldarin Roots and Stems".[2]
  • "Late essay" - likely dating from ca. 1970.[1] Further quotes from this "late essay" appeared in Vinyar Tengwar 47 (2005; p. 30, note 44 and p. 37, note 58). Editor Patrick H. Wynne suggests that the essay was composed in "late 1966 or afterwards", by noting Tolkien's reference to a question from Plotz (while preparing an interview for Seventeen) dated November 1966.[3]


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