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Picturing Tolkien: Essays on Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy
Publication Information
EditorJanice M. Bogstad, Philip E. Kaveny
Released31 July 2011[1]
FormatSoftcover (6 x 9)

Picturing Tolkien: Essays on Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy is a 2011 collection of scholarly essays about The Lord of the Rings (film series).

From the publisher

This group of new critical essays offers multidisciplinary analysis of director Peter Jackson's spectacularly successful adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002) and The Return of the King (2003). Part One of the collection, "Techniques of Structure and Story," compares and contrasts the organizational principles of the books and films. Part Two, "Techniques of Character and Culture," focuses on the methods used to transform the characters and settings of Tolkien's narrative into the personalities and places visualized on screen. Each of the sixteen essays includes extensive notes and a separate bibliography.Janice M. Bogstad is a professor of women's studies and English and is head of technical services at the McIntyre Library, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Her written work has appeared in more than 60 reference books. University of Wisconsin-Madison Emeritus Philip E. Kaveny is an independent scholar, author, playwright, poet and lecturer. In 1976 he cofounded Madison's Feminist Oriented Conference.[2]


  • Acknowledgments (vi)
  • Preface by Janice M. Bogstad and Philip E. Kaveny (1)
  • Introduction (5)
  • I. Techniques of Story and Structure
    • "Gollum Talks to Himself: Problems and Solutions in Peter Jackson's Film Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings" (Kristin Thompson; 25)
    • "Sometimes One Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures" (Verlyn Flieger; 46)
    • "Two Kinds of Absence: Elision and Exclusion in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings" (John D. Rateliff; 54)
    • "Tolkien's Resistance to Linearity: Narrating The Lord of the Rings in Fiction and Film" (E.L. Risden; 70)
    • "Filming Folklore: Adapting Fantasy for the Big Screen through Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings" (Dimitra Fimi; 84)
    • "Making the Connection on Page and Screen in Tolkien's and Jackson's The Lord of the Rings" (Yvette Kisor; 102)
    • "'It's Alive!': Tolkien's Monster on the Screen" (Sharin Schroeder; 116)
    • "The Matériel of Middle- earth: Arms and Armor in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy" (Robert C. Woosnam-Savage; 139)
  • II. Techniques of Character and Culture
    • "Into the West: Far Green Country or Shadow on the Waters?" (Judy Ann Ford and Robin Anne Reid; 169)
    • "Frodo Lives but Gollum Redeems the Blood of Kings" (Philip E. Kaveny; 183)
    • "The Grey Pilgrim: Gandalf and the Challenges of Characterization in Middle- earth" (Brian D. Walter; 194)
    • "Jackson's Aragorn and the American Superhero Monomyth" (Janet Brennan Croft; 216)
    • "Neither the Shadow nor the Twilight: The Love Story of Aragorn and Arwen in Literature and Film" (Richard C. West; 227)
    • "Concerning Horses: Establishing Cultural Settings from Tolkien to Jackson" (Janice M. Bogstad; 238)
    • "The Rohirrim, the Anglo-Saxons, and the Problem of Appendix F: Ambiguity, Analogy and Reference in Tolkien's Books and Jackson's Films" (Michael D.C. Drout; 248)
    • "Filming the Numinous: The Fate of Lothlórien in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings" (Joseph Ricke and Catherine Barnett; 264)
  • About the Contributors (287)
  • Index (291)

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