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Stewed Rabbit by John Howe
"Do you remember that bit of rabbit, Mr. Frodo?"
Sam Gamgee in The Return of the King, "Mount Doom"

Rabbits were long-eared, furry animals, also called 'coneys'. On 7 March T.A. 3019 in northern Ithilien, Samwise Gamgee asked Gollum to bring him some food. Gollum brought him two small rabbits which Sam proceeded to cook, to Gollum's intense displeasure.[1]


In a linguistic manuscript dating from the 1930s, appears the Quenya gloss lopo ("rabbit").[2] In earlier Qenya, it was lapatte.[3]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit]

Rhosgobel rabbits
"Rhosgobel Rabbits" in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  

2002: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

While they camp in Ithilien, Gollum brings Frodo and Sam some rabbits that he caught. Sam is appalled at Gollum's manners when he suggests they eat the rabbits raw. Sam concludes "There's only one way to eat a brace of connies..." and is later seen preparing their meat in a small kettle, as part of a stew. Gollum, in turn, vocally disapproves of cooked rabbit meat and cooked food in general.

2012-14: The Hobbit (film series):

Radagast drives a sled pulled by large rabbits, referred to as "Rhosgobel Rabbits".[4]