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"Ratbag" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
"Ratbag" from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Biographical Information
Other namesRatbag the Coward
PositionWarchief of Udûn
Overlord of Núrnen
LocationDurthang, Ered Glamhoth, and Sharkburz
AffiliationSauron's Army (formerly)
Feral Tribe
Bright Lord
LanguageWestron and Black Speech
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorYellow
ClothingArmor comprised of bones
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Ratbag, also known as Ratbag the Coward, was an Uruk of Sauron's Army in Udûn who becomes an ally to Talion. Ratbag was invented for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor by Warner Bros. and he was portrayed by Phillip LaMarr.


Outside of the western side of Durthang, Ratbag was tied to a pole, being left to rot by his captain, "Goroth Caragor Tamer". After some time had passed, the ranger known only as Talion the Gravewalker is coaxed over and strikes a deal with the uruk. If Talion helped him to become a Warchief, then he will draw out the Black Hand of Sauron. In addition, Ratbag swore that every uruk beneath his command will hinder Talion's quest. Despite this, however, he cannot speak for the other Warchiefs.

Eventually, after all of the other Warchiefs are killed, the "Hammer of Sauron" arrives, skeptical that out all the Warchiefs, Ratbag was the only one left alive, Who claims that the other Warchiefs perished in battle. Unfortunately for Ratbag, the "Hammer of Sauron" flings Ratbag away with his mace, seemingly killing him.

It is revealed much later (in Middle-earth: Shadow of War) that Ratbag was alive and made an ally of the Olog Az-Harto, whom he calls "Ranger". Somehow, the two of them managed to take over the fortress of Sharkburz in Nurn. At the same time, they forged a legend of themselves as a two-headed troll called "The Etten".


Ratbag is an English word meaning "a despicable person".

Other versions

In an alpha gameplay video, Ratbag was originally an uruk called Ratbag the Meat Hoarder who Talion had to dominate in order to find out the location of a Warchief.

There is an easter egg Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor where if Talion does not obtain a Nemesis by the time of the assault on Ered Glamhoth, then Ratbag the Coward would act as a stand-in for a Nemesis. Curiously, this version of Ratbag was voiced by William Dwight Schultz rather than Phillip LaMarr.