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Doriathrin[edit | edit source]

roth (pl. rodhin) is a Doriathrin word meaning "cave".[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word is a descendant form of ?Old Noldorin rōda > rōdh > rōth, deriving from root ROD ("cave").[1]

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Other versions[edit | edit source]

The word is given in the Etymologies to explain the name Menegroth.[1] In a later source Tolkien gives the Sindarin word groth instead.[2]

Adûnaic[edit | edit source]

roth is an Adûnaic word meaning "foam". Its original sense was "cutting, track" (as in the compounds obroth "fore-cutting" and nadroth "hind-track").[3][4]

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