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Kornoldorin ("Noldorin of Kôr"), or Korolambë ("Tongue of Kôr"), was the language of the Noldoli in Valinor according to early versions of the legendarium. The Noldoli used it beside Qenya, but unlike Qenya, it changed fast as the Noldoli devised new words and structures by themselves.[1]

Old Noldorin shares several attested words with Qenya (like malina, míre, parma, randa, rauta, rimba, rimbe, ringe, runda, sīre, yaiwe) and Telerin (branda, Bana, belda).[2]

The language also presented several minor changes of vowels and consonants over Telerin; compare T. alpa "swan" vs ON. alpha (which brought Noldorin alph)

In the Great Lands, the language evolved as Noldorin through contact with Ilkorin.

Other versions of the legendarium

In the stage of the later legendarium, Tolkien rearranged several details: the language described as Old Noldorin is taken by the Noldorin dialect of Quenya, and the language called Noldorin was renamed "Sindarin" and took the place of the vernacular Ilkorin in Beleriand.

Old Noldorin belongs to a chronological and phonological stage which Sindarin would normally also have passed through, specifically a stage when final vowels still existed, and consonants did not undergo lenition yet; however this stage is not named or described by Tolkien other than some example etymological reconstructions.[3] Fans name this phase "Old Sindarin".

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