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Bucklandish was the dialect of Westron spoken by the Bucklanders.[1]


Several regional peculiarities could be seen in regions that Stoors mostly settled in, such as Buckland. Bucklanders such as the Brandybucks wore peculiar Bucklandish names derived from the former southern Stoorish.[2]

Bombadil is said to be a Bucklandish name, added by Hobbit chroniclers to Tom Bombadil's many older ones. It is, like many names of the Bucklanders, untranslatable.[1]


Tolkien said to the Dutch Translator, Max Schuchart, that there were "'Celtic' elements in Buckland and East-farthing names."[3]

The Stoors have Celtic elements in their names reflecting their Pre-Númenórean background (via the Dunlendings)[4]. Tolkien mentioned that the survival of traces of the older language of the Stoors and the Bree-men resembled the survival of Celtic elements in England.[5]

Portrayals in adapatations

2001: The Lord of the Rings (film series):

Meriadoc Brandybuck is described as being the linguistic "oddball" of the group: his accent is noticeably distinct from the other Hobbits seen on-screen, something of an invention between actor Dominic Monaghan and the dialect coaches, to reflect his unique origin.


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