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Mágol is one of the early languages of Tolkien. It was said to be of Hungarian style and Tolkien worked on it around the years he was writing The Hobbit or earlier. The context in which Tolkien created it is not known, since it is not much connected with his legendarium.

There are at least two papers concerning Mágol. In the earliest one it is referred as "Mágo", and it was said that "Old Mágo" was the language of the children of Húrin. The second paper seems a mixture of Hungarian and Elvish.[1] Sometime later he considered making this language Orkish; he marked this page with the name "Orcish" but striked it out[1] which means that he rejected this idea.[2]. However one word from its vocabulary is bolg meaning "strong".[2]

In The Notion Club Papers Michael G. Ramer mentions several Ungric words like Shomorú (Hung. szomorú 'sad'[3]) 'Saturn'[4], Dalud dimran, Eshil dimzor[5], a waterfall on the world Ellor Eshúrizel [6], Gyönyörü, Emberü [7] , Gyürüchill 'Saturn' [8]


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