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General Information
DescriptionA small planetary body of about around the same size as the Earth

Tekel-Mirim was the fourth planet that Michael George Ramer had visited with his mind.


Tekel-Mirim was a small planet of about around the same size as the Earth. The Sun that gave it light was larger then the Earth's sun, though it was dimmer and the Stars were faint and arranged in a strange way. A little later on, Ramer suggested that this could be because what he thought was air may actually have been water or another liquid and he "may have been on the floor of a wide shallow sea". While he could not be sure, he suspected that Tekel-Mirim was in a solar system that was perhaps within a nebula much larger than one in Andromeda.[1]

The planet of Tekel-Mirim itself was a land of crystals. Of which, Ramer likened the greatest among them to the Egyptian pyramids. However, he was unable to judge the exact size, believing this to be due to not having his body to contrast with. According to Ramer, it was the inanimate matter that grew into the countless crystalline formations.[1]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

In an earlier draft that Christopher Tolkien referred to as A, The original name of the planet was Tekel-Ishtar before it was changed to the name Tekel-Mirim within the final version.[2]

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