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telpë,[1] or tyelpë,[2] tyelep-,[3] telep,[1] are Quenya words for "silver".

[edit] Etymology

In a letter, Tolkien stated that the form tyelpe derives from Primitive Elvish kyelepē.[4]

It appears like tyelpe is the most ancient (or "pure") Quenya word for silver; the form telpe, which became the usual form among the Quenya-speaking Elves, was borrowed from (or influenced by) Telerin telpe (itself apparently a later form of the original Telerin form telepi).[4][3][2][5]

Christopher Tolkien has noted that tyelep-, tyelpe derive from root KYELEP.[3] In The Etymologies, telpe, tyelpe derive from root KYELEP/TELEP.[5]

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