The Tolkien Relation

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The Tolkien Relation
Publication Information
authorWilliam Ready
PublisherRegnery Co., Copp Clark, Warner Books
ReleasedMay 1968
FormatHardcover, also paperback

The Tolkien Relation: A Personal Inquiry is a book by William Ready, the former Director of Libraries at Marquette University. The paperback edition of 1969 was renamed into Understanding Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings.[1]

The book includes extracts from letters to William Ready from both J.R.R. Tolkien and his son Christopher, as well as some unattributed quotes. See especially pp. 55-56 and 57-60 (1st edition).[2]


  1. The Early Cycle
  2. The Inklings and the Myth
  3. The Days of the Dons
  4. The Hobbits of Tolkien
  5. The Tale of the Ring
  6. Craft and Art
  7. Man for Tolkien
  8. The Once and the Future
  9. As It Was and Will Be
  10. Epilogue


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