Tolkien's Monsters

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Tolkien's Monsters is the ninth episode of the History channel's "Clash of the Gods" series. The first seven episodes were on Greek mythology, followed by one on Beowulf. The tenth and last episode was on Thor, the Norse god of Thunder.


The episode features expert interviews and reenactments, as it endeavours to explain the sources and origins behind the story. The story explores The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion, with reenactments and computer simulations.


  • Not much attention was paid to make-up; Dwarves are portrayed beardless, Hobbits are just bare footed (Bilbo even has a beard) and Elves all have an unexplained tattoo on their right cheek, the only thing that distinguishes them from Men.
  • The actor playing the older J.R.R. Tolkien has a mustache. Though he did have a mustache during the Great War, he did not retain it. Ironically, reenactments of his war years show him clean shaven, and wearing the insignia of a US Army corporal rather than a British second lieutenant.
  • Though the experts and the narrator do a generally good job with pronunciation, Ainur is pronounced "Aniur".


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