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Unlicensed, commercial video games set in Middle-earth
    Moria (1982) · Shadowfax (1982) · Ödesringen (1983)
 The Middle-Earth Trilogy:   Colossal Adventure (1983) · Adventure Quest (1983) · Dungeon Adventure (1984)
 Parodies:   The Boggit (1986) · Bored of the Rings (1985) · An Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold (1986) · Bulbo and the Lizard King (1987) · Fuddo and Slam (1988) · Retarded Creatures and Caverns (1989)

Middle-earth Modifications
Total War The Lord of the RingsThird Age
The Elder Scrolls IV MERP
The Battle for Middle-earth The Dwarf HoldsThe Wars of Arda
The Third Age

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