Arda Philology 4

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Arda Philology 4
EditorAnders Stenström
PublisherThe Arda Society
Released4 August 2013

Arda Philology 4 is the fourth volume of the journal Arda Philology, and contains the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Tolkien's Invented Languages, Omentielva Cantea, which was held in Valencia in August 2011.

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Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Foreword
  • Contents
  • Contributers' Biographies
  • Index Locorum
  • Arden R. Smith: "Editing Tolkien's Alphabets"
  • Georgia Kyte: "Mystery and Magic in Distant Lands: The Names of the Ithryn Luin as Clues to Their Role and Importance"
  • Ivan A. Derzhanski: "Some Parallels Between Pronouns in J.R.R. Tolkien's and the Real World's Languages"
  • Måns Björkman: "Quenya's Participles"
  • Aleksandar Mikić: "Of orivaine, kamilot, and Their Kindred: Words for Legumes in Tolkien's Invented Languages"
  • Arden R. Smith: "Phonetic Symbols in Tolkien's Early Alphabetic Materials"
  • Roman Rausch: "Sound Symbolism in Elvish"
  • Helge Fauskanger: "The World's Most Evil Syllable"

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