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Biographical Information
TitlesLord of Belegost
DeathKilled by Ufedhin
Physical Description

Bodruith was the Lord of Belegost during the Battle of the Thousand Caves. He appears only in the tale of The Nauglafring.[1]


After the attack on Artanor, Bodruith, filled with greed, wanted to steal the Nauglafring from Naugladur the Lord of Nogrod. At the same time, Ufedhin, filled with the same lust for the necklace, stole it from Naugladur while he was asleep. Bodruith, believing that he is the rightful owner, attempted to take by surprise and murder Ufedhin to reclaim the Nauglafring. His attempt was not successful for Ufedhin had managed to kill him. When Bodruith was discovered next to Naugladur, it was thought that he was the one who tried to take the necklace and slay the Lord of Nogrod, and thus Ufedhin managed to escape.[2]


The element bod- is associated with "back" or "again". The Gnomish bodruith means "revenge", thus it is speculated that he was given this name after the events of the tale of The Nauglafring.[3]