Denethor (son of Lenwë)

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The name Denethor refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Denethor (disambiguation).
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"Denethor" by Darina Nossova
Biographical Information
TitlesKing of the Laiquendi
BirthBetween Y.T. 1050 and 1350
RuleY.T. 1350 - 1497
DeathY.T. 1497
Amon Ereb
Physical Description
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Denethor (lived in the Years of the Trees) was the son of the Nandor Elf leader Lenwë (also known as Dan).

Daunted by the towering peaks of the Hithaeglir, Lenwë, his son Denethor, and the Nandor forsook the march of the Elves to the West and passed southward down the Anduin. Much later Denethor would lead a part of those people west into Beleriand.[1]

Centuries before the first rising of the Sun, Orcs and other foul creatures of Morgoth began to harass the Nandor east of the Blue Mountains. Hearing of the power and protection of the Elf King Thingol, Denethor led many of his people over the Blue Mountains into Beleriand. They settled in Ossiriand and Denethor became their king. They were called the Laiquendi (Quenya for "Green-elves").

Years later, in Y.T. 1497, Morgoth loosed an army on Beleriand, beginning the First Battle in the Wars of Beleriand.[2] The lightly-armed Laiquendi were driven back to the great hill of Amon Ereb, where Denethor was slain.[3] While the Laiquendi survived, they became a reclusive people, seldom taking up arms, and never again naming a king.[4]


In an explanation of the name of Denethor II (who was named after this elf), the Steward of Gondor, it is stated that Denethor is Nandorin fit into the Sindarin sound range, and is said to mean "Lithe and lank".[5]

In the earlier The Lost Road, the name Denethor is said to contain the word element Dani.[6] According to The Lhammas, it derives from Primitive Elvish Ndani-thārō, meaning "Saviour of the Dani", as he was the one who led them to the West. Other derivatives of this name are: Daintáro in Telerin, Nanisáro in Qenya, Dainthor in Noldorin and Denipor in Doriathrin.[7]


b. Y.T.
d. Y.T. 1497


Born: Between Y.T. 1050 and Y.T. 1350 Died: Y.T. 1497
New title
King of the Laiquendi
Y.T. 1350 - 1497
Title abandoned